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Installation Guide

Welcome to the installation guide for Powerviz custom visuals. The steps to set up are the same for all the custom visuals.

In order to use Powerviz visuals, import them in Power BI. There are 2 ways to import Powerviz visuals:

  1. Install from the AppSource.
  2. Import using .pbiviz file.

Install from Appsource

Powerviz visuals are available in the Appsource. This is the best method to access the custom visual up-to-date versions.

Follow below steps to import visual:

  1. Open the Power BI Desktop or Service.
  2. To import the visual, click the ellipsis (...) in the Visualization Pane.


  1. Select Get more visual from the list.


It will open up the AppSource window.

  1. Search by the visual name or by the Powerviz name.


  1. Open the visual and click on ”Add”.



Before importing a visual, it is recommended to go through the sample PBIX file, documentation, and demo video. It helps in understanding the visual features in-depth.

  1. The Powerviz visual icon will appear in the Visualization pane.


  1. Select the visual and start analyzing.

Pin the frequently used custom visuals in the visualization pane by right clicking on them.

Import through file

To import a Power BI Custom Visual file, it should be in .pbiviz file format. Make sure the visual is downloaded and stored on the local computer.

Follow the steps:

  1. To add a visual in Power BI, select insert tab > click on More Visuals > Select From my files.


or Select ellipsis(...) from the Visualization pane > select Import a visual from a file.


  1. Navigate to the location of .pbiviz file on your local computer. Either select the file or double-click to open it.


You will get a security prompt to esnure it is a trusted the file.

  1. After the visual has been successfully imported, click OK in the next dialogue box.


  1. The Powerviz visual icon will appear in the Visualization pane. Drag the visual from the visualizations pane to the canvas and start analyzing.



If you want the visual to remain on the visualization pane for all reports, right-click on it and select “Pin to visualization pane”.

To discover more about Powerviz visuals and their advanced features, continue reading.