Fill Patterns

A pattern is a design that repeats itself. Patterns can look like lines, circles, or zigzags. They are easy to recognize because of their repetitive nature. Recognizing patterns can help us make predictions, solve problems, and find beauty in the shapes.

With Powerviz, you can either choose from their pre-filled patterns or create your own. We have 16 different pattern designs to choose from.

Points to keep in mind while uploading custom patterns.

  • It should be in PNG and JPG format.

  • The maximum size is 2 MB, and the ideal image resolution is 32*32 pixels.

Steps to apply patterns

  • Go to the Fill Patterns options.

  • Enable the toggle button. You’ll see a list of parent categories. Select the category.

  • Pick a pattern from the dropdown or upload your own.

  • If you want to apply a border to arcs with patterns, enable the "border for pattern" checkbox.

  • Hit Apply, to save.


Patterns support the applied color schemes and are also displayed on the legend markers for easy selection.

INFO When both "Border for pattern" and Stroke width in the arc setting are enabled. "Border for pattern" will take the lead.

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