Advanced Settings: Introduction

This section consists of all the advanced settings offered by Powerviz Sunburst. These are an extended set of features that improve the visual design and let you simplify the analysis. To open the advanced settings panel, click on the “⚙️” gear icon in the top-right corner.

Advanced settings contain the following options: 1. Chart Options

2. Data Colors

3. Fill Patterns

4. Arc Settings

5. Label

6. Sorting

7. Ranking

8. Center Circle

9. Leaf Label Images

10. Conditional Formatting

11. Show Condition

12. Annotations

13. Grid View

Dark theme

For better accessibility advanced settings have 2 modes - light and dark mode. Click the “Light” button to switch between the modes.

Collapse mode

The navigation panel can be expanded and collapsed using the "Close menu" button at the bottom.

Reset button

All options contain the reset button. The reset option reverts all the formatting to the default state. To enable this option, first, open a menu you've customized, click on reset, and hit apply to see the change.

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