Grid View

Grid view is an interactive table in Power BI that provides a quick overview of data. The modifications made in this view will not affect the visual or actual data. The grid view changes remain only for that session and then revert to the default state.

You can easily enable the grid view by clicking on the table icon on the top right corner of the screen.


When you type in the search box, the grid view filters out the categories right away. It makes it easier to find the values you want.

Filter panel

The filter panel can be used to change the filter state. Here you’ll also get a search box to search across all field cards. For text columns, you can use a checkbox to select categories, and for numeric columns, you can filter values by less than or greater than conditions.

Pivot mode

Pivot mode allows you to take columns and create new table layouts from them. It helps in analyzing trends and patterns. By default, pivot mode is enabled in Sunburst. In this view, the category is in a hierarchy with collapsed mode.


Disable the Pivot Mode > remove all the columns from Row Groups > you’ve got a simple table.

Column option

By hovering your mouse over the column headers, you can see the column options. Click the menu icon to open the settings. You get the following options:

  • Option to pin a column.

  • Change the width of the selected or all columns.

  • Expand/collapse option.

  • Reset to default.

You can also access the column specific filter panel from here.

Page navigation helps divide the single list into multiple pages. To switch pages, use the left and right arrows at the bottom.

Dark/light mode

Change between dark and light modes based on individual preference for better accessibility. Users can also switch them into reading mode.

Back button

Use this button to go back to the visual view.


Grid view is for reading purposes only. Any modifications made in this mode will not be saved and will return to the default state upon page refresh. Its primary function is to enhance the comprehension of the Sunburst visual, and it should not be treated as an independent visualization.

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