Chart Options

Chart options controls the display style and interaction of Sunburst. The default style of a sunburst is a full circle. You can choose a preset style or create your own. There are four types of displays available:

  • Full Circle

  • Semi-Circle

  • 270° Circle

  • Custom Angle

Step to change the display type


Step 1

Go to the chart options.

Click on the “⚙️” icon to open advanced settings.

Step 2

Select the display.

In case of custom, input start and end angles.

Step 3

Hit apply to save.


The custom angle starts from 0 to 360°. For the mirror effect, the degree goes from -360° to 0.

Interaction Controls

Other than display style, we have three checkboxes:

Popout On Mouseover

Use this option to animate the selected arc. When you hover over an arc, it will slightly pop out.

Enable Zoom

In Zoom mode, drill down into the category till the last level. It is similar to the "Power BI drill through" feature. In Sunburst, all the levels are always visible, but with the zoom option enabled, you can expand to specific categories.

To return to the previous layers, click the back button. To return to the original view, click in the center circle.

Enable Sequences

Sequential mode displays the zoomed path in the top-left corner, which makes it easier to navigate layers. You can click on the path to switch the layers. This option is available only when zoom mode is enabled.

NOTE Disable the zoom mode to enjoy the classic cross-filtering between visuals.

Watch the video to learn how zoom and sequence option works

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