The Powerviz Sunburst Chart is a fully dynamic visual that is used for displaying a hierarchy-structured dataset. In a hierarchy dataset, you can add multiple categories from top to bottom levels, where the top category is parent and the rest are child nodes. Powerviz Sunburst chart is a Power BI custom visual available at AppSource. It allows you to control the size, shape, design, interactions, and more. Sunburst charts can also replace radial trees, treemaps, and packed circles.

This documentation will help you get started with Sunburst Visual by explaining everything you need to know about it. If you're new to our site, check out the visual library for other visuals that meet your requirements.

Powerviz Sunburst chart highlights include:

  • Variety of display styles and custom angles.

  • Multiple color schemes and 30+ color palettes.

  • Control over arcs, labels, and patterns.

  • Add icons, text, measure, and images to the center circle.

  • Conditional formatting and ranking are supported.

  • Power BI features like cross-filtering, custom tooltip, bookmark are available.

  • In additional features, grid view and annotations are offered.

Follow this guide to have an in-depth view of Powerviz Sunburst visual. To know more about other Powerviz visuals and slicers, visit our library or contact us directly for a demo.


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