Show Condition

The Show condition option allows you to control the visual rendering. The user can control the situations in which visuals should be rendered or not. To enable this option, the user must have a calculated column or measure of the Boolean type. When the minimum value is 1, the visual will render, and when it's 0, the visual will show the error message.

How to enable the show condition?

Show bucket accepts Boolean(0/1) type column. Visual will only render if the minimum value is 1.

  1. You need to add a 0/1 type column or measure in the show field. There are 4 ways to create a show field column.

    • Already exists in the source data (recommended aggregation, minimum),

    • A new column using the power query editor (recommended aggregation, minimum),

    • Calculated column using DAX (recommended aggregation, minimum),

    • DAX measure

  2. Drag this column/measure into the Show field.

  3. Go to Show condition in the advanced settings.

  4. Enabling the option to change the error message and formatting.

  5. Hit Apply, to save.

Result: If any selection is made that breaches the set condition and the value is 0, then Sunburst will not render and show the error message.


Explaining how show condition works with slicer

This condition can help you with security as well as controlling the slicer's interaction with the visual.

Watch this video to learn how the show condition works.

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