The Powerviz Date Picker is an advanced date slicer that helps you apply page-level filter based on dates and provides a user-friendly and customizable calendar view. This Power BI custom visual is available for download on AppSource. The date picker can be used to select single or multiple dates, as well as date ranges. With different modes available, you can choose the one that suits your needs. By including this slicer in your Power BI report, you can create an intuitive experience for your end users. Use this slicer if you are looking for a

  • Flexibility of selection.

  • Smart design.

  • Eliminates the need for complex calculations

This documentation will help you get started with Date Picker by explaining everything you need to know about it. If you are new to our site, check out the visual library for other visuals that meet your requirements.

Powerviz Date Picker highlights include:

  1. Display Mode: Choose between Pop-up and Canvas views.

  2. Date Selection Types: Select single or multiple dates, or choose a range or multiple date ranges.

  3. Add presets and set the default selection from given options, or create a custom column.

  4. Theme Selection: Pick professional-looking themes or create custom themes.

  5. Slicer Styling: Customize style, color, and functionality. Import or export the custom styling.

  6. Customize the formatting of weekends, invalid dates, and holidays to ensure better visibility and usability.

Follow this guide to get an in-depth view of Powerviz Date Picker. To know more about other Powerviz visuals and slicers, visit our library or contact us directly for a demo.


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